by developer & designer Mathias Bachmann

Favorite Apps for iOS Developer

That’s the third part of the serie about favorite apps for Developers. In this part we take a look on my favorite apps for iOS Development. You may have missed the previous parts, you can check out my favorite Apps for Developers and my favorite Apps for Web Developers.


AppCode is the missing Apple IDE. ;) Seriously AppCode can bring you many improvements in your development experience and debugging.


PaintCode helps you to generate drawing code for your apps. You can draw vectors and it gives you the Objective-C drawing code back. It is also a great way to get into Core Graphics.


NSLogger is a useful logging utility. It can log your events over your local network via Bonjour and gives you better feedback as a simple NSLog in Xcode.


Linguan is a nice tool to manage the localization of an App. With the validation feature it gives you feedback which translations are incomplete.


ImageOptim gives you a free way to shrink the size of an App. You can compress the PNG or JPEG files of your app content.


Slender is another tool to clean up your App. It shows you a summary of missing, unused or duplicated image files.


After using the Terminal and SQLite Manager for Firefox, Base was my favorite SQLite client for the Mac.


nomad is the tool kit which brings you a productivity boost in typical task, like in the iOS Development. It lives in your Terminal and you can test Push Notifications, add devices to your Developer Account and many more.


SimPholders is a clever utility to manage the Apps in the iOS Simulator. You can launch and delete the Apps or simply reset the Simulator.

That’s all folks. These are my favorite apps for iOS Development and if you are new in that game you got a nice starting point.

I’m always on the hunt for new apps. Do you know an app which can delight the day of developers? Do you know a great extension or a workflow for apps like AppCode and Xcode? Feel free to send me a hint on Twitter or via Mail.